I am Early May. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English. I came from a small town but if you are in your 20’s and having realistic goals, you normally wouldn’t settle in a town with limited opportunities. Opportunities are always found in cities where you are expected to live like a full-grown kid who doesn’t rely on your parents anymore. Moreover, if someone wants to be a part of this huge global, one choice is to get acquainted with the language everyone should learn. It’s English. I am not blessed with mathematical brain like those of Newton’s and Descartes’s, so I rushed to where I am suited and it is in learning and teaching the English language. Every pore of my being is in silent expression of “excitement and fear” combined in discovering more about this language, but after all, we all have to endure a bit of a mystery. Likewise, I am happy to share this experience with all of you.